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1.Sign Interpretation


Under blue skies, the messenger of love volley and jump, pulsing with the breath of life, liberty, and imaginative, healthy and happy, feeling the first innocent life, no matter how realistic sculpture was sinking, imbued with the sun, breathe freely, health, joy nutrients consistently beautiful soul, MEGA cool, advocating freedom, passionate, enjoy a healthy, happy bathing, for employees, for consumers, for the community, our struggle again and again, never cease!

2.Corporate essence of culture
Complex Road, World Heart!
Channel (blue) complex, the cycle never intermittent; World Heart (yellow), a humanitarian compassion of benevolence.
MEGA cool, ad infinitum for the community, to provide a happy life benevolence of material comfort, to really create life experience, to the United States living environment, to the quality of life is still in.
Seemingly complicated complex way, the intentions of view, but did not imagine so hard, so many things are also not always subjective ideas to guess, time is better spent on speculation for practice try this is due to appear in all truth. MEGA cool insists actors never do the Giants verbal, can be done on hard, try to do this, really can not be completed, would never try to be brave. But we are not and never will be a solid step in front, follow the market trends, constantly committed to the development and production of new products, the timely introduction of advanced technology, improve production efficiency, the team carry out regular interaction and cooperation training, strengthen team building, in short , with action, to cultural, to do business, do the brand, make products for the community, not to stay.
Gentleman to self-improvement along the way, the development of the road MEGA cool, there is laughter, there are tears, there are ups and downs, there is a miracle, from Hong Kong to mainland China, from China to the United States, from the United States to South Korea, again and again, OK world, but we always uphold a cycle of benevolence for the community to serve the mentality of doing things, and strive upward.
Is life, struggle more than, MEGA cool, Wai Yan heart, Shiyuki world!
Spirit - to the letter the city legislature, innovation, the kindness, the dedication it! Philosophy - benevolence, complex Daoxing, have heart, to win the world! Purpose - the cycle for the community, Wai Yan heart of the world when the line! Vision - the force created by the real star of the enterprise, to create iconic brands with high quality! Mission - to create the true, good and beauty of life and health supplies, quality of life is still to create!

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