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In 1998,MEGA SOFT HYGIENIC PRODUCTS INC. established in Philippines,and has become the market leader in Hygienic product for over 22 years time already. In 2003,MEGA SOFT stepped in HONG KONG market. With a group of pioneer personals in R&D in hygienic product and professionals in sales and marketing in hygiene market, MEGA SOFT (HONG KONG) HYGIENIC PRODUCTS CO., LTD was setup, and the global expansion of MEGA SOFT group has began aggressively.


In 2007,by the growth of the sales and market coverage in China, MEGA SOFT established MEGA SOFT (FUJIAN) HYGIENE PRODUCTS CO., LTD with RMB 120 Million in China. MEGA SOFT (FUJIAN) HYGIENE PRODUCTS CO., LTD had a production centre with the total floor space for over 20 Thousand square meters, equipped with 8 production lines of Baby Diaper manufacturing,1 production line of Adult Diaper manufacturing and 4 production lines of Sanitary Napkin and Panty Liner manufacturing, annual production amount was over RMB 1.2 Billion.


In the early stage of MEGA SOFT (FUJIAN) HYGIENE PRODUCTS CO., LTD, the main business core included global exporting. In 2009 and 2010, MEGA SOFT (FUJIAN) HYGIENE PRODUCTS CO., LTD, was classified as ‘Signature Enterprise’ by the local government in Shishi in China, and also awarded ‘Star Enterprise of Shishi’by the Chinese government. According to the Chinese Customs export statistics in 2012,MEGA SOFT (FUJIAN) HYGIENE PRODUCTS CO., LTD, was ranked one of the top 3 exporters in hygiene products in China.


With the rapid expending of the domestic market in China, MEGA SOFT (HONG KONG) HYGIENIC PRODUCTS CO. setup MEGA SOFT (CHINA) CO., LTD with the investment of USD $45 Million in 2012 In 2013,the Second production centre with the most advance technology owned by MEGA SOFT (CHINA) CO., LTD was in full operation. Its total floor space is over 60 Thousand square meters,equipped with 17 production lines of Baby diaper, Baby pants, Adult diaper, Sanitary Napkin and Panty Liner manufacturing. The total investment of MEGA SOFT group was RMB 300 Million,and the annual production amount of this production centre is over RMB 1.5 Billion.


Over 2 years of constructing,the first phase of the Third production centre of MEGA SOFT group will be completed and in full operation in Aug 2014. With 76 Thousand square meters floor area,this production centre will equip with 28 production lines in total, regarding the manufacturing of Baby diaper, Baby pants, Adult diaper, Sanitary Napkin and Panty Line. The total investment is RMB 340 Million,and the annual production amount is over RMB 2 Billion.


MEGA SOT – Global Hygiene Brands
MEGA SOFT group has a number of famous Global Hygiene Brands including - CHIKOOL, TWINS, LAMPEIN, SISTERS, CECILLE, TRANSCEND and GRAND.
With the acquirement of global certifications regarding entire production and product quality control of Hygiene products such as ‘FDA’, ‘European CE’, ‘ISO9001’, ‘ISO14001’ and ‘OHASA18001’, all these Global Hygiene Brands owned by MEGA SOFT group have been selling successfully to over 50 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe and USA under global strategic distribution.
With solid sourcing experience, ultimate quality control of production, tremendous logistic support and professional customer service. MEGA SOFT aims to bring the finest care to all children, from the start of their bright future, to provide the best Hygiene products to every lady in their life and to offer the gentlest protection to every elder in the world.

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